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SQL Log – You may host your log anywhere. Purists be pleased!

As good radio amateurs we should keep a log to document our radio contacts (qso).

The main data kept in a log is typically:

  • time when the contact was made in UTC as universal world time
  • place (freqency) where the contact was made
  • operation mode (the way the information was modulated to the carrier frequency)
  • given signal report (readability 0 – 5, signal stength in s-units as one unit eqals 6db)
  • received signal report “ „
  • name of the operator
  • Location of the worked station (qth)

Before, my log used to look like this: Loose collections of data in circles. I’d call it a „Doodle Log“.

It looks creative, but it’s way to messy.

Doodle Log
Doodle Log


To help myself I created a program looking like this:

MySql Log
MySql Log


MySQL Log is a easy and most of all „non-confusing“ + „non-overload“ qso-log based on log table inside a MySql database

which can be hosted locally or even at a webserver. It provides a very clear structure, aiming for simplicity.

The focus lies on fast and manipulative editing using keyboard shortcuts and keyboard navigation.


  • access to local or remote open source MySql database
  • callsign lookup on qrz.com
  • autofill (current utc date, current utc time)
  • fast etdit mode (reusing old values)
  • .csv export for logtable

The program will work on almost any manchines running microsoft windows. It is very lightweight – only 0.5 MB in size!

You may take it with you, execute it from your usb stick and keep logging to your remote server hosted somewhere on the internet.

This way your log will still be safe even if your local device crashes.

You can download MySql Log for free use at the download section.

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