Manual of MediaQSL


(navigating to Settings Page):
Go to settings, enter a radio callsign for example my callsign dl3sps, enter your position
as latitude or longitue (example: 50.123 8.456) or use the button "get machine location" to get the device location.
not-mandatory: Enter any text into the large textbox.
This text, callsign and location will be sent to a server where it is redistributet to the users via the map control again,
if desired (toggle button on the mainpage : report my activity).
The togglebuttons hamqthlookup and qrz data lookop enable to query ham radio databases and
to help fill out the radiocontact(qso) data.
mandatory: Create a logfile. The location is best in the Video Folder...
Select this logfile.

not-mandatory: If your device has 1-4 cameras connected, they should pop up at "video - device settings" select the ones you like
to include, check the radiobutton of one connected camera as an audiosource (Video Rendering Seetings-Sub Page of Settings Page):
Select your desired video composing mode via radio button.
Select a logo for the compositions (from imagefolder or videofolder).
Known Bugs: (I am so sorry!!!) If you have trouble detecting cameras, shut down the whole App and restart it.
This should relist all camera devices.
It appears that sometimes cameras won't operate and dont show in the preview of the main page.
In this case try to switch the recording order of the cameras on the settings page.
This will eleminate the issue in most cases.
When MediaQSL is minimized, the preview of the cameras may stop.
In this case just navigate to the settings page and back one more time and you'll be fine.
I hope you can get used to just moving the window anywhere else or open other windows ontop of it
instead of minimizing MediaQSL.
Don't worry, I'll adress these bugs asap!!


(Main Page):
A qso is always defined by start and endtime. both have to be given.
This is what makes the operaton of thes log program a little different.

(if you like to also record video - check the Record video checkbox.)
Hit F5/click capture to start a radio conversation.
This marks the start point of the radio contact.
Camers will start recording now, if properly set up and installed.
You may enter data meanwhile.
Hit F5/capturing again to stop the recod.
An entry sould appear in the list.
If the entry is selected in the list, changes of data may be applied if "save changes" button is hit.
If video is recorded it may be rendered by clicking the most left symbol on the entry -
or by right clicking the entry and hitting "render video".
This may take a while....
If the video is ready to watch you may cklick the most left symbol on the log entry again.
It now has a Play - Symbol. This action should start to play the ready video with your default Player.
If you like to share your creation there is a share button on the right side of the entry.
For backup and analyzing purpose klick the button "export Logfile" this will enable you to export the textfile to different dataformats.

vy 73's DL3SPS